Project information

  • Category: Product Development
  • Tech Stack: NodeJS, MongoDB Atlas, MongoDB App Service, MongoDB Chart, ReactJS, Apache Kafka, GraphQL
  • Deployment: AWS

Data engineering solution in Salesforce for a SaaS product

  • MANDATE: The global SaaS company faced inconsistency in customer entitlements due to multiple CRMs, acquisitions, and separate RevOps and Customer Experience teams. They sought a single source of truth to enhance efficiency, accuracy, and reduce costs.
  • SOLUTION: We implemented our Data Engineering reference solution Architecture to establish a centralized Entitlement Single Source of Truth (SSOT) system, improving data management across four layers.
  • RESULTS: This led to reduced manual efforts, increased efficiency and accuracy, a 15% decrease in entitlement-related tasks, and a 10% boost in customer satisfaction.
  • Tech Stack: NodeJS, MongoDB Atlas, ReactJS, Apache Kafka, GraphQL, AWS